Welcome!  Second Grace is a non-denominational cross-cultural grassroots, humanitarian organization dedicated to the understanding of all community and human need.  Established 7 years ago in the heart of Salt Lake City.
We are a fellowship of men and women who are committed to the well being of all.  Spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially, working hand in hand with other foundations, recovery groups, indigenous communities, city and states.  We have also aided in cross cultural understanding and communication internationally.  Those we help are able to get back on their feet to start their lives with a deep understanding that they are not alone.
Most of our work has been in drug and alcoholism recovery programs, state corrections, spiritual conferences and Native American reservation housing and development.
In life, there are things that happen that are incomprenhensible to us, and we'll never understand. The most sensible way to understand is not to think about why, or to blame someone, including ourselves, but to ask what is the remedy to our situation. This is where we seek our second grace.
501c3 non-profit corp.
We believe in the Grace of Second Chances which brings the Awareness of Truth, Self and Purpose